Face masks from EURA Fashion

EURA Fashion now produces face masks for you. Our production takes place in large quantities and with high hygienic measures. Contact us for more information.
1Why does EURA Fashion produce face masks?
Thanks to our many years of experience in the textile sector, we were able to mobilize partners and producers quickly after some preparation time. We want to do our part in the production and procurement of much needed face masks for private as well as commercial use.
2How are the masks made?
Our masks are manufactured with the highest hygienic precautions and with the latest machinery. The production is adapted to the standards of the European Union. Furthermore, each mask is individually packaged and sent hygienically.
3What protection do your masks provide?
Our masks are made according to the standards of the European Union. The quality of the production is meticulously tested on a random basis. For precise information on the different types and the correct wearing of protective masks, please visit the information pages of the Robert Koch Institute (in German) or your local authorities.
4How can I buy your masks?
Please contact us for more information. We can be reached at any time during our usual opening times.